Ayandeh Garden (2016 - ongoing)
Furtherfield, Finsbury Park

Ayandeh is a Farsi word meaning 'future'.

‘Seeds From Elsewhere’ is a project on this formerly disused land in Finsbury Park that brings together young asylum seekers and refugees, family, friends and other professionals. We began working on it last summer.

Each participant is supported to grow flowers, plants or edible produce from their respective homeland; contributing to a horticultural portrait of the group.

We are also in the process of designing a greenhouse and pizza clay oven, extending the parameters of our collective activity.

Throughout the process we literally and metaphorically ask ‘What can grow here that’s not from here?’.

Beyond this more tangible gardening activity, the project seeks to create a space that embraces, maintains and produces a diverse set of social relationships between people with different residency status.

Images: Helen Walker & Joeri Thiry