Location Scouts: Sceaux Gardens
5 September - 4 October 2015

Location Scouts is a new work which has been developed over the course of a Play Local residency at South London Gallery.

The work comprises a series of questions which invite the residents of Sceaux Gardens estate, located adjacent to SLG, to re-imagine their surroundings as a series of possible locations for a big budget feature film.

The questions are posed via a series of large fly-posters across the estate, ranging from the everyday to the fantastical. Residents can participate by texting or emailing photographs of different sites which they think could be used for a film scene. At the end of the project, these submissions will be gathered to form a pool of images, enabling players to compare their contribution with others.

Location Scouts builds on a series of works, including Witness (2009 – ongoing), Re-Shoot (2009) and Avoiding The Camera (2014 - ongoing), which explore image-making as a social, participatory and collaborative process.